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the Hooks that Stay in Place


What size pegboards do Pegs Locking Hookstm fit? Pegs Locking Hookstm fit most standard peg or pegboards of 3/16" to 1/4" thickness.  The hole size must range from 1/4" to 9/32".  There are a few exceptions we have found. For instance, heavily painted boards are sometimes too thick. Also, layers of paint in and around the holes cause the holes to become too small. In these cases, you may have to remove some of the paint
Installing Install your hooks as normal, by gently inserting the top first and pushing in the lock.  Pegs can be installed upside down or sideways with no issues.
What size pegboards do they fit? Pegs Locking Hookstm  fit most standard pegboards from 3/16" to 1/4" thick with holes 1/4" to 9/32" diameter.  (The only exception is boards that have been painted heavily.  Sometimes this makes the holes too small or the board too thick.)
What are the dimensions of the hooks?

Note that the hook diameter is a little under 1/4" (.25).  This is larger than your typical metal hook, but you will find that for most pegboard uses this size works well.

What kind of plastic are they made from? Pegs Locking Hookstm are made from a special grade of polypropylene that allows them to be tough, but flexible enough to "snap" into the pegboard.  Polypropylene is a common plastic resin with very good chemical resistance.  Many containers are made from it.  Typically it is not known for its strength, but through our unique design and the grade of plastic we use we have overcome this problem

Will they melt in my garage?

What if they get very cold?

Your hooks will not normally melt in your garage, but the may become more limber.  The L-Pegs, for instance, may hold less weight in a very hot garage (100+F).  Garages often do get very hot in Summer, but as a rule you will have no problems. (Please contact us if you do!)

Cold temperatures can be more of a problem for the hooks.  They can become brittle at low temperatures.  We suggest that you not install or remove the hooks at low temperatures (below freezing) as the hook may break off.  The hooks are fully functional once installed but you may want to avoid hitting them sharply  in cold weather.

How much weight can a Peg hold? Pegs Locking Hookstm  are specified to hold 15 lb.  We don't recommend that you apply much more weight than that.  The holes in your pegboards were not designed to hold large amounts of weight and it can be very dangerous to try to do so.  Multiple hooks hold more weight but it depends on how the weight is distributed.
Will they break? Actually it is rather hard to break a hook during normal use (see, cold above).  It is much easier to bend them so that the lock no longer functions as well as it should.  We have also found that sometimes if you really slam them into the pegboard the lock may break off.  We suggest that you insert them gently and don't hammer them into place
Will they damage my pegboard? There have been other plastic, latching pegboard hooks in the past and some of these would damage the pegboard by enlarging the holes.  Effectively, that meant that you could only use your hook once in that set of holes.  Pegs Locking Hookstm will not damage your pegboard if you install and remove them properly.
Do they really not fall out? Your Pegs Locking Hookstm  will not fall out under normal use.  Having said that, you can even rip them out, but typically this means you have damaged your pegboard
If they don't fall out, how do I move them? Since your hooks do lock into the pegboard you need to be gentle when you remove them. Otherwise, you may damage your pegboard.  On thinner boards, you can often gently pry up and the hooks will come out.  On thick boards, it is often necessary to use a small screwdriver to push up on the lock so that it will release.  To do this, pull the hook away from the board and insert a small screwdriver through the hole and under the lock.  Gently push it up while pulling on the hook.  Be careful that you do not enlarge the pegboard hole.
Do you offer discounts for bulk orders or for resale? Yes, we do offer discounts for bulk orders and to distributors or resellers.  Contact us for more information.